HD MV [ENG.SUB] Vanness Wu (吳建豪) – Reason

ฟังเพลง เพลงสากล HD MV [ENG.SUB] Vanness Wu (吳建豪) – Reason

HD MV [ENG.SUB] Vanness Wu (吳建豪) - Reason ----------- [SIDENOTE] If you don't know who Vanness Wu is: en.wikipedia.org :D This song is in Japanese (J-Pop); I sub more than just K-Pop! +I think the subs might be wrong. NO ONE subbed this video or has any english lyrics video for it, so I found the lyrics but they weren't in or part of the video, so I had to guess (kind of) where they would go. If you understand Japanese and find something wrong, leave a comment xx ----------- [100203] Vanness Wu continues to develop his music career on the Japanese music scene. In spring 2009 he collaborated with hit composer/arranger Daisuke "DAIS" Miyachi managing and entered Oricon's Top 10 with his first J-pop solo single, Only. Also continuing his activities as actor, Vanness now presents his first solo J-pop album Reflections. It features 10 tracks including his singles, four new J-pop songs, and one English song. -----------Program Used: Sony Vegas 7.0 ----------- Rate. Comment. Subscribe ! ----------- Disclaimer: All audio and third party content in my videos belong to their rightful owners. I only own the entire video as a whole.
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